Fellowship Testimonials


FEBRUARY –March 2017

Orthodontic and orthognathic surgery are considered as novel fields in Vietnam. Undiagnosis and untreatment patients with type II, II malfunctioning occlusion impair not only their aesthetic but also activities such as respiratory (snoozing), communication, Obstructive Syndrome Apnea (OSA)…

It’s believed that St George and Ashford hospital are the most well-known medical center in England regard orthodontic and orthognathic surgery. With variety of modern equipments, facilities and well-trained and experience staffs, these hospitals may treat 500 patients every year. Thanks to the support from FTW, I’m able to study in England. It offers me a great change to explore medical knowledge, experience as well as English people and culture.

I hope in the next year, more of my colleagues  can come to the UK, upgrading their knowledge and experience in order to improve treatment quality as they come back to Vietnam.



MARCH 2017

Vascular anomaly is one of the biggest challenges for the doctors in Viet Nam, where many patients are poor and have no insurance but are in the serious stages of disease. Some of our patients have abundant bleeding or even die before treatment.

Thanks to FTW for giving me a chance to come to London, to meet vascular anomalies experts in many hospitals in London and Birmingham and to learn from their techniques and experiences. We hope to learn more and more for a better treatment of our poor patients.Your support is greatly appreciated!



Head and neck cancer is one of the most popular cancer in Vietnam where many people are poor and have little chance to access an early diagnosis and effective treatment.

Thanks to the charity for giving me a chance to come to London, to meet head and neck cancer and eye tumour experts in many hospitals in London who I learned from many new techniques and experiences. With nearly 10 years of experience, head and neck cancer is not strange for me but the knowledge I had from London is the new grade  and high level experiences. We hope to learn more and more for a better treatment of our patients.

We are appreciated for your support



30th JUNE – 13th JUNE

My name is Bui Tuan Anh, I am a ENT doctor from Hong Ngoc Hospital in Hanoi.

In Vietnam, severe malocclusion and skeletal discrepancies are met quite a lot, especially in poor patients because they have less chance to be examined and take care of their oral health. It is really hard for me to treat them because i do not knowledge and experience in treating such severe cases.

I am grateful for the opportunity to come to London. While here, I have some many experts, all who are so excellent and kind in sharing their knowledge. I have gained a lot of new knowledge and experience from them. From what I have learned, I am sure that it will help me so much in diagnosing and treating my patients in Vietnam. The experience I had in London, is so amazing and unforgettable. Your support for me is so precious and I appreciate it.


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