Facing the World Mission Report

45 patients were assessed by a multi-disciplinary team of consultant surgeons brought to Danang by the charity Facing the World. The team consisted of eight doctors and two specialist nurses covering craniofacial plastic surgery, maxillofacial surgery, oculoplastic surgery and anaesthesia. The team spent a week at Danang General Hospital teaching, training and operating with their counterparts from Vietnam. Air travel to and from Vietnam was generously supported by The Emirates Foundation.

On Sunday, May 21st, the team assembled in Danang at the Minh Toan Galaxy Hotel generously sponsored by Mr Phouc. In the evening we met with the Vietnamese translators who all donate their time. They are all part of the UK Alumni Association.

On Monday 22nd May, Facing the World and Danang General Hospital medical teams met initially with the Director of the hospital and following this undertook clinic for the rest of the day where 45 patients were seen and assessed for consideration of specialist surgery. From this patient group the Vietnamese Plastic, Maxillofacial and Neurosurgery teams selected 14 patients who they thought would offer the best learning experience for them. The cases selected were focused on reconstruction after severe facial trauma, removal of fibrous dysplasia (bony tumours of the face), correction of congenital droopy eyelids in children to help vision develop normally and secondary cleft lip and palate cases. All the techniques demonstrated are applicable to adults and children.

For each case operated the Facing the World surgeon teamed up with his local counterpart in order to teach, train and discuss management options for the patients. In addition to this, the remaining patients had plans put in place for their future management by the Vietnamese doctors using the new approaches.

In addition to teaching and training in the operating theatre and outpatients, a specialist spinal anaesthetics course was carried out during the week. Advanced spinal anaesthesia techniques for the anaesthetic department were demonstrated and further techniques are being planned for the 2018 mission.

By the end of the week, the team had directly operated on 14 patients all with very good outcomes. These patients are all able to re enter society as useful members. More importantly, various techniques and approaches were demonstrated which will be incorporated by the Vietnamese doctors in the daily practices.

The support given to the charity by the Emirates Foundation is invaluable to the success of the Charity’s endeavours. The Vietnamese doctors are receiving training and lives are being recreated through the successful operations. The most grateful thank you is given to the Emirates Foundation and the Emirates Airline for their continued invaluable support.

With Many thanks

Facing the World


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