Who We Are

Facing the World has pioneered a bold new approach to sustainable healthcare, resulting in self-run centers of excellence in the countries where we work, that are able to provide crucial surgery to children born with disabling facial differences, and that can be replicated both nationally and internationally.
Team of world-leading surgeons
A unique position in Vietnam

How the £3.5m Target Will Be Spent

% spend breakdown

  • Admin (7.5%)
  • Fellowship (64.5%)
  • Medical missions to Vietnam (28%)

Training 200 doctors over 5 years & performing 40,000 life-changing operations

Scaling through Training

Cumulative costs over five-year roll out


Dr Nguyen Ngoc Vinh MD

CEO and Co-founder

Hong Ngoc General Hospital


Katrin Kandel Burke-Smith

Michael Chan

Simon Fennell

Christopher Forrest

Niall Kirkpatrick

Anil Patel

Peter Schell

Charles Schrager

Norma Timoney

Richard Young

Tolga Uzuner


Waleed Haram

Tra Bich Nguyen

Wayne Ingram

Jeanette Schaberl

Sophie Stephenson-Wright

Simon Eccles

Minh Phuc Nguyen




Bertie Portal

Shari Royle

Suki Waterhouse

Michael Chan

Sharon Gilshenan

Alicia Newn

Nick McElwee

Manish Pandey

Phong Phung

Trang Tran

Ngoc Long Nguyen

Hoang Le Thuy Duong

James Newton

Tim Rees

Sean Petherbridge


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