Who We Are

We are a UK registered medical charity creating sustainable solutions for children in developing countries who have severe craniofacial defects. We do this by training local surgical teams, providing multidisciplinary surgical treatment, and donating necessary equipment.
Team of world-leading surgeons
A unique position in Vietnam

How the £1m Target Will Be Spent

Training 140 doctors over 5 years & performing 40,000 life-changing operations

28 doctors trained each year over 5 years. 40,000 total surgeries includes impact from the preceding two years’ Fellows, and from 108 Military Central Hospital’s Hanoi Center for Craniofacial and Plastic Surgery.


Dr Nguyen Ngoc Vinh MD

CEO and Co-founder

Hong Ngoc General Hospital


• Waleed Haram

 • Tra Bich Nguyen

• Wayne Ingram

• Jeanette Schaberl

• Sophie Stephenson-Wright



• Bertie Portal

• Shari Royle

• Suki Waterhouse

• Michael Chan

• Sharon Gilshenan

• Alicia Newn

• Minh Phuc Nguyen

• Phong Phung

• Trang Tran

 • Ngoc Long Nguyen

• Hoang Le Thuy Duong

• James Newton









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