Facing the World is a UK-registered medical charity with a team of UK-based surgeons who are world leaders in their field. Our mission is the treatment of children from developing countries who have severe facial disfigurements but no local access to appropriate care.

The charity was founded in 2002 by craniofacial surgeons Martin Kelly, Norman Waterhouse and Niall Kirkpatrick. When volunteering in Afghanistan with Children in Need, Martin met a young girl called Hadisa with a major craniofacial disfigurement. The medical facilities in Kabul were not equipped to deal with the severity of her condition, and he realised that her only chance was to be given treatment in London. This was a situation both Martin and Norman had encountered all too often, and it was clear not only that UK-based help was crucial on the immediate front, but that, in the longer term, training, infrastructure and equipment were desperately needed in the developing world so that children like Hadisa could be treated locally. It was in the light of this knowledge that Martin, Norman and Niall founded Facing the World.

Martin Kelly passed away in 2008. Please read our tribute.


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