Future Patients

Facing the World does not ask for donations for specific individual children because we prioritise patients on the basis of medical urgency rather than how much money their particular appeal has raised. Therefore we ask for donations to a general patient treatment fund and then we allocate to each child’s treatment accordingly.

It costs an average of £50,000 to fund one child’s treatment in the UK and we are immensely grateful for any donations we receive.

We are currently raising funds to ensure a number of children can travel to the UK in 2013 to obtain the vital surgery they need. Patients we hope to be able to support include Mesaidi from Kenya, Cissy Nasande from Uganda, Akam Rasoul from Iraqi-Kurdistan and Hadisa from Afghanistan.

If you would like to support our work, please donate here, or start fundraising now.

If you would like to make us aware of a child who may require our help, please complete this form and return it via info@facingtheworld.net

Children are selected on the basis that: